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On-Tap Upgrade without internet access


Hi All

We have an On-Tap upgrade comming.

The estate has no internet access so must be fully manual


Ive used Mongoose as a deployment method before but my change to install it has just been blocked by our security guys.

What other methods \ packages are sucessfull (and peoples favorite) at presenting the packages in to On-Tap


Im sure i could use IIS on a windows box but ive never used it to upgrade On-Tap. 





IIS works for me to deploy ONTAP for years.... note that from ONTAP 9.4 or 9.5 (can't remember exactly). you don't need a web server anymore, just upload using system manager.

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK


Correct for ONTAP. Unfortunately for Disk Firmware, Shelf Firmware and Disk Qualification Package you still need the Web server or use the alternative method and use SCP (in the appropriate page for each listed)



You could run a small temporary web server locally on a laptop or something to host the install packages and download the image from there. 


There are lots of options for small, portable web server packages, whether on Linux or Windows - you can even just use PowerShell to run a web server with PoSH Server if you aren't cleared to install additional programs but can install PS modules. 




I have had luck downloading MobaXterm (the portable version!) and using that.

MobaXterm Download

After it opens, you can configure the HTTP server (be sure to pick your own port, like 8124) and downloads directory

Then point a browser on your system to http://ip.of.you.host:8124

If it works, you should see a directory listing. Right-click on the link and copy, then paste into ONTAP.

I do this all the time. many of my customers are air-gapped sites.

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