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Best practice? 2 HA-Pair Load Balancing


G'day all


Questions relating to;



4 node cluster

2 x V6240 (high utilisation) 153%

2 x V3250



Currently having some issues with load balancing and node over utilisation, looking at OCUM & monitoring "Statistics" at the Cli looks like it is the CPU/IOPS


Question for you in your experiences what is the preffered/best options/config for load balancing both your individual HA pair's and cluster as a whole.


I have done alot of reading in relation to DNS balancing and LIF Balancing, however I beleive I'm looking for a different method.


So currently I have high utilisation on my 1st pair (V6240) nodes, i'm thinking at this stage i should just be migating the high IOP volumes to the "under-utilised" nodes 2nd pair (v3250) and balance the iops out across the 4 nodes more evenly.


So from your experiences is this sounding along the lines of what should sort my issues or am i way off ?


Any suggestions would be appreciated thanks






that's right on track. maybe your ps team can help on planning this?

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