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Fas2240-4 All Drives show failed


First of all I'm really new to NetApp and have some basic questions.  


We got a used Fas2240-4 with two DS4246 shelves for testing purposes.  I'm supposed to learn with this system and figure out what I can to see if this is something we want to move forward with.  I have the drawers cabled according to the diagrams that I can find.  Currently don't have the system licensed and am just working in maintenance mode.  When I do a sysconfig it shows all the drives but they are all in failed status.  When I do a disk show then it doesn't show any drives.  I tried to unfail a drive but it says there are no drives to unfail.  


What would cause all drives to show as failed under sysconfig?

Why don't any of them show up outside of sysconfig?


Any help appreciated!


Please paste full commands and their output.