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Upgrade FAS2552 from 7-Mode to CDOT 8.3.2


Anyone knows where I can find the documentation to upgrade from 7-Mode to 8.3.2. 


My current FAS2552 was downgraded (previous storage admin) to 7-mode about a year ago, but now i am charged with moving to CDOT. I already migrated the data to another CDOT filer. 


I did several searched online but no luck, all documentation point me to 7MTT which is no help, i actually need to upgrade the filer from 7-mode to CDOT. 


Also the download page has an option to download the 8.3.2P5 but it looks like the upgrade path is from CDOT 8.2 not from 7-Mode


Appreciate any help.






Thanks all for your contributions. I think i have it covered.




Hi Anthony,

as was previously mentioned, you cannot 'upgrade' from 7-Mode to CDOT.

You need to 'convert' the filer to CDOT first

Last year we ordered a FAS2552 running 7-Mode.

After it arrived but before we put iit into production, we made the decision to switch to Cluster Mode.

The filer comes with the ability to boot into 7-Mode or Cluster Mode. It just depends on some environment variables.

Just follow the procedures described in the previous link to interrupt the boot process etc...

Once you have the filer running 8.2 Cluster Mode, upgrading to 8.3+ is easy.


Hope this helps,



Forgive my ignorance, I am not seeing that upgrade step in the KB article (i cannot access official KB article only the link you sent me (google), do you think you can send me the official KB article because I am unsure of the upgrade step. 


I am assuming from my 8.2 7-Mode system i can download the 8.3 from NetApp, and install as per instructions eventhough i am operating in 7-Mode. Then after change boot env options? Then after initialise disks?


Once again your help is much appreciated. 




This link contains example of installing new software directly on boot medium. It does not depend on 7-Mode vs. C-Mode. https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/how-to-netboot-clustered-data-ontap-8-1x-and-later


You cannot install 8.3 using google link. This link explains how to reinitialize controller in C-Mode using already installed Data ONTAP version. You can then upgrade it of course from within Data ONTAP.


P.S. sorry forgot link.


Thanks, I came across the article already but wanted to verify. 


Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like eventhough the FAS2552 is in 7-Mode, the firmware in the filer also has CDOT image in it and all you need to do is change "boot mode".


I was under the impression that i had to load 8.3.2 CDOT firmware then perform the upgrade.


Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. 



Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like eventhough the FAS2552 is in 7-Mode, the firmware in the filer also has CDOT image in it and all you need to do is change "boot mode".


That's correct. Except it is not "firmware" but "software". As you currently have 8.2 and want to go to 8.3, it makes sense to install 8.3 first (which is additional step KB article explicitly mentions) and then do initialization (boot menu option 4). It is simply faster than doing update later. Make sure to install the same version you have on existing cluster if you intend to join it.


And of course you need to perform this procedure on both controllers independently. Note also that if you want to use Advanced Disk Partitioning (normally default wit 8.3 on FAS2500) you should remove ownership of all disks before starting initialization.


I am not able to see the article, getting "Unauthorized Access to CRM or KB"


Your help is much appreciated. 






Thanks for the reply. 


I am aware in place upgrade is not possible, I am prepared to wipe data as we already migrated data out to another system.


I need the actual steps to perform the upgrade now. Also need to find out where to download the CDOT OS because I am not seeing it on support.netapp.com



In-place upgrade from 7-Mode to C-Mode is not possible. Filer must be wiped out and cleanly reinstalled in C-Mode. If there is data to be preserved, it must be evacuated (migrated). 7MTT helps to automate this.

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