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Bidirectional SnapMirror between two sites?

Is it possible to configure two SnapMirror relations between two filers in different sites, having one master (source) volume on each site, replicated in the other site?


How many licences will be needed?


Site 1                 Site 2
Filer1                 Filer2
VolA (source)    ->    VolA (dest)
VolB (dest)      <-    VolB (source)


We have 3ms latency between sites, and we would like to work with semi-sync snapmirror.



Re: Bidirectional SnapMirror between two sites?

Seeing that noone else has answered this I will reply. 🙂   I am almost certain the answer is No you don't need an additional snapmirror license. And Yes you can mirror both ways.

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