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Broadcast domain bug: how to fix ?




I have this bug on a 2750 running 9.9.1




"error: details not available" status as part of the "broadcast-domain show"


but I get an error when I try to remove ports as it is the "Cluster" Broadcast Domain ?


Any ideas how to fix it then ?



Hi Greg,


Have you performed an ARL headswap to this controller previously? That is a prequisite for that BURT.


In some cases, per https://kb.netapp.com/Advice_and_Troubleshooting/Data_Storage_Software/ONTAP_OS/%22network_port_broadcast-domain_show%22_reports_%22error%3A_details_n... just changing the MTU back to 9000 will be sufficient.


Let us know how it goes!




This is a brand new 2750 install with 72 1.8TB SAS drives.


It shipped with 9.8P3 and I upgraded that to 9.9.1


Never performed an ARL headswap


I did try to remove the ports but it complained there were LIFS on them.


I might just wait 9.9.1P1 and see if that fixes it. I don't think there is an issue.


Have you tried to change the MTU as I suggested?


Sorry.. I have not had a chance to look at this as we needed to start the migrations ASAP and I was not keen to play around with this as the cluster is working. I see there is also 9.9.1P1 which I plan to install ASAP when we get some free time between migrations.




like Alex suggested, modifying the broadcast domain may fix it. 

Network port broadcast-domain show" reports error: details not available for some ports


Hello @Greg_Wilson ,

Were you able to fix the issue?


No I have no fixed it and its getting more annoying. 


The only thing you can do is make sure its the first thing you delete/fix-up after you setup a new cluster


Don't make any LIFs until you have sorted it out, otherwise you need to delete them all.






Thanks for the update.  Feel free to open a NetApp Support case If you need any assistance with the upgrade to 9.9.1P1.  Sorry for the inconvenience this issue is causing you.

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