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Brocade 300 FW downgrade


Good morning all,


First of all thanks in advanced for your help.


I have a new Brocade 300 switch for a Metrocluster enviroment. This new switch has a FOS version 7.2.1 and the other 3 old switches has the 6.1.1a.

I'm not able to find if i can do a downgrade directly from 7.2.1 version to the 6.1.1a version.


Could someone help me?


Best regards,

Luis Miguel


Re: Brocade 300 FW downgrade


No (at least, it is not supported). Supported upgrade/downgrade paths are single major version non-disruptive or two major versions disruptive. This would be 7.2 -> 7.1 -> 7.0 -> 6.4 etc.


Is it hardware replacement of failed switch?

Re: Brocade 300 FW downgrade


Thanks for your answer Aborzenkov,


Yes is a hw replacement.



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