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Broken Disks



I need to repair this relationshtip to a volume on our DR site




Managed volume 'FC_vserver:/CC_sprotect01_SP_19_Copy_82_VServer_FC01_fs_frpub_prod_Mirror' of subscribed volume 'VServer_FC01:/fs_frpub_prod' is missing on node 'Mirror'.

Possible reasons include:


(1) The managed volume is explicitly deleted by the user, not through a partner application invoked storage-service API call. To rectify this condition use a partner application UI to invoke the storage-service-cleanup API and the storage-service-conform APIs, first to remove this volume node member from this storage service and then to create a new protection volume as part of the storage service.


(2) The container object (aggregate/node/cluster) in which the storage object is located may be in a transient state, thus hiding the volume's presence. In this case, ensure that the containing object is online. Then wait for a refresh cycle.


Any assistance would be appreciated.




Re: Broken Disks



Please refer KB https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1006869

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