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C-Mode CLI Command Coloring

Guys, probably a silly question but starting to use C-Mode a lot and the CLI a lot. I really like the C-Mode cli as its intuitive and easy to use. That said, it is wordy (like powershell and lots of other CLis these days 😉 ) but it has tab completion so no complaints here! So, I'm wondering if it's possible to facilitate command coloring somehow? I'm currently using BASH on windows 10 (Ubuntu). I'm pretty new to Linux so wondering iof the command coloring would be driven by the terminal (putty,BASH with SSH,emulator etc.) or something the C-Mode drives? Apologies if this is a NOOB question. Just trying to learn

Re: C-Mode CLI Command Coloring


Hi there,


Thank you for the positive feedback on tab completion - it was a game changer when we implemented it.


Unfortunately colourising it is not possible - the CLI runs inside its own process and is not a traditional "shell" with configuration options like that.

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Re: C-Mode CLI Command Coloring


No probs! Well done to the team on a excellent user interaction experience PS: love the fact that you can do things like cd ..  to go up a level! So intuative 🙂

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