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Snapshot Visibilty and Windows Previous Versions

Hi all. Using some CIFS volumes on C-mode 9. I see you have the following options:


  1. Set Snapshot visibilty at volume level
  2. Set Snapshot visibilty at sharelevel
  3. Enable previous versions at share level

Trying to understand who these all interact and what I should expect when the various combinations here? 


Re: Snapshot Visibilty and Windows Previous Versions

Options 1 and 2 show a "~snapshot" directory either at the root of a share, or the root of volumes inside the share at the point they join via a junction path into the namespace of a SVM - you can then tranverse through that directory to find snapshots and files inside those snapshots.


Option 3 enables integration of the snapshots of a file into the Windows "Previous Versions" tab.


Please let me know if you would like any further clarification on junction paths/volumes/namespaces/shares

Re: Snapshot Visibilty and Windows Previous Versions

Thanks for taking the time to reply! Much appreciated. I think I have the lighbulb on now. So in this example would my expectations be corrrect (was lazy with the HTML 🙂


File System

vol2 - snap visibility enabled

vol1 - snap visibility enabled

ShareA -> /vol1/A [Share snap visibility enabled]

ShareB -> /vol1/B [Share snap visibility disabled]

Junction vol1/B/C - > junction /vol2/A



So if i:


  1. Browse ShareA\ i see ~snapshot?
  2. Browse ShareB\ i  don't see ~snapshot?
  3. Browse ShareB\C\ i see snapshot ?


Is this understanding correct? 






Re: Snapshot Visibilty and Windows Previous Versions

 I would encourage you to test it yourself in a test environment if it is very important to your business needs, but that should be the way it works, yes.

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