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VSS/previous versions display only snapshots from year 2017


Happy new year 2017 everyone! Robot Happy


It is Monday January 2nd in 2017 and when right clicking a fileshare > properties > previous version, I can only see snapshots from year 2017.


If I list them from the cluster management, I can see there are more:


clustername::> snap list -vserver vservername -volume volume_name
Vserver  Volume   Snapshot                                  Size Total% Used%
-------- -------- ------------------------------------- -------- ------ -----
                  daily.2016-12-20_0010                  39.23GB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-21_0010                  36.24GB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-22_0010                  31.20GB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-23_0010                   9.29GB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-24_0010                  765.4MB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-25_0010                  346.6MB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-26_0010                  401.9MB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-27_0010                  28.11GB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-28_0010                  31.64GB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-29_0010                  32.75GB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-30_0010                  33.35GB     0%    0%
                  daily.2016-12-31_0010                   1.05GB     0%    0%
                  daily.2017-01-01_0010                  405.7MB     0%    0%
                  daily.2017-01-02_0010                  33.76GB     0%    0%
14 entries were displayed.

Funny, right?


I have requested Netapp support to take a look, but I thought to post it to discussions as well.


EDIT: running Ontap 8.3.1.




It is new bug http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=1057844


Engineering is working on the fix.


Issue with date conversion encryption logic.

View solution in original post



Hi there,


i have the opposite problem,

in PV i can only see snapshots until 30.12.16 , all snapshots after thar ar invisible in PV.

But i can see them (and use them) when i do ~snaphot


really odd




Hi Again,


the difference seems to be on which version of cdot you are on


i'm on  8.32 p4 and i dont see 2017




Same problem here:



With previous versions from explorer, we only see back to 01.01.2017. 


Wth cmd \~snapshots\ we see snapshot back to 2015.



Ontap: 8.2.3



It is new bug http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=1057844


Engineering is working on the fix.


Issue with date conversion encryption logic.


Same problem here


one system with ONTAP NetApp Release 8.3.2P7 see only previous versions listed up to 31.12.2016 00:10 but newer snapshots are existing on Volume

one system with ONTAP NetApp Release 8.3.2P2 see only previous versions listed from 2017 but older snapshots are existing on Volume.


Same thing here. With Data Ontap 9.0P1 we only see Snapshots from 2017.


As a workaroud, can you browse the snaphots via CIFS (.snapshot or ~snapshot-Directory)?


These Directorys arent available in our environment, altough the option "Snapshot Directory Access Enabled: true" (Command: volume show -instance -vserver [vserver] -volume [volumename]). And also "show-previous-versions" is set (Command: vserver cifs share show -share-name home$ -fields share-properties).


Hi, the ~snapshot or .snapshot directory is not visiable in windows explorer (SMB2.0 limitation I believe), but you can use the dir \\<vserver>\<share>\.snapshot from a CMD window and it will display the snapshots. You can then browse the snapshot required in explorer using the following syntax \\<vserver>\<share>\.snapshot\daily.2016-12-08_0010.


Hope this helps.


Hi Ketan,


thanks for that hint regarding the SMB2 Limitation. I could browse the ~snapshot-directorys after disabling SMB 2 on a test client. This helps us, to work around the problem and make restores untit the issue is solved.


Thanks so far.



Hi Guys,



We have faced more or less the same issue. In our case we see only the 2017 snapshots instead.

Wa have opened a Netapp case and will keep you informed.





"Not fixed in any Data ONTAP releases".  See NetApp bug 1057844:




I'm seeing the same thing on 8.3.2P1.  Thumbs up on linking to the bug ID, saved me from spending time to open a case with support.


Also facing this issue. Any ETA from Netapp?


We've got the same issues:


First System:

NetApp Release 8.3.1P1

- > Only Snapshots between today and 01.01.2017 can be accessed/viewed.



Second System:

NetApp Release 8.3.1P1

- > Only Snapshots between today and 01.01.2017 can be accessed/viewed.



Any Updates from NetApp?






I have the same problem. do you have any solution?? I can see only snap of 2016






We also have this problem and can only see snapshots from the 2nd Jan 2017 till now.


Does anyone have an ETA on a fix?


We too had this issue, could only see 2017 snaps in previous versions, but as of this morning it appears to have automagically resolved on multiple clusters/svms.  We had a case opened to track this, I'll make sure the engineer is aware things look OK again.  Very strange.


Bug has supposedly been fixed in newly release 8.3.2P9. Haven't had the chance to upgrade to that version yet to test.


Does anyone know if this bug is in ontap9?


Does the newly released 9.1GA have this bug?


As per Description in the Details for Bug 1057844 ONTAP 9 Versions should not have that bug. But i've not verified that myself on an actual installation.


This issue exists in ONTAP versions 8.3.2P4 and later,
 but does not include ONTAP 9.0 and later.

Source: http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=1057844

 I can commit that this Bug exists (contrary to the description in the Bug Details) as well in cDOT 8.3.2 GA, the release we are running our Systems.