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Snapmirror in CDOT


Hello All


I know that snapmirrors are different in CDOT and since our NetApp expert who usually does these has moved on to a different company I am now have to do them.  But alas here is my issue.


SVM-QA-02 has two different volumes on different aggerates  HMG_DB and HMG_DG.


I need to snapmirror from DB to DG. Both volumes are online and running, but the Oracle DBA will stop the listeners for the data guard side to allow me to snapmirror to that DG side.  I think this is what I do based on my knowledge of 7-mode


1. unmount DG volume from server

2. unmount from namespace

3. put DG volume in restricted mode

4. run on cluster snapmirror create -source-path svm-qa-02:hmg_db -destination-path svm-qa-02:hmg_dg -schedule 15_minute

5. run on cluster snapmirror initialize svm-qa-02:hmg_dg

6. mount in namespace

7. let snapmirror run every hour at :15 until DBA is ready for final sync/break

8. final sync/break and then mount on server again


Is that correct? Can it be done via the webui?






Re: Snapmirror in CDOT





What’s the propose of the SnapMirror?

if it's to migrate the data from one Aggregate to another - you would be glad to hear that there is a vol move command that does that for you - non disruptively.


Was that your goal ?



Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK
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