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C-Mode NetApp LUNs not visible in Veritas Volume Manager


Hi All,

NetApp Storage Version:- Cluster Mode ONTAP 8.2.1

Host OS:- Windows 2008 R2 Standard

We formatted & mounted NetApp LUNs on Windows 2008 server but whenever they are trying to connect "Veritas Volume Manager" (VVM) to mounted C-Mode NetApp LUNs, automatically All NetApp mounted LUNs unmounted from "Disk management" level and also from VVM. I have checked the interoperability matrix. C-Mode NetApp LUNs are not supported by VVM. We change SCSI-2 to SCSI-3. We updated required firmware and driver but still issue persist. As per Symantec, they told we need to change the mode from C-Mode to 7-Mode. Is there any other possibilities or workaround to make C-Mode NetApp LUNs visible to VVM without any disruption?? Kindly provide your suggestions and workaround.....:)



I don't know VVM. as of Wikipedia it is used for multipathing and volume management.

you should use Netapp's MPIO DSM and Snapdrive for these functions with cDOT.

or are there any features in VVM that Snapdrive and DSM do not provide?


SnapDrive has nothing to do with volume management. And yes, VxVM offers many features that are not present in standard Dynamic Disks (which were derived from old VxVM actually).


SnapDrive has nothing to do with volume management.

with volume management yes, but  not with Logical Volume Management (LVM), which seems to be the main idea of VVM.

maybe it has an issue with ALUA? already tried to disable it on the LUNs?


Okay Actually Veritas Storage Foundation not supporting NETAPP C Mode LUN. It is supporting "7 Mode LUN". We bought E series Storage box for this. Thanks to All.


I assume this is for Vertias Clustering? 

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