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CDOT 8.3.2 Install Script



I'm wondering if anyone has a script / method to install CDOT automatically?

I want to start from setting up a 2-node cluster (basically 1 system with 2 filers) and then configuring the SVM with all the services...


I know there are CLI and Powershell modules and I'm guessing someone autoamted it?


Any help is greatly appriciated




Re: CDOT 8.3.2 Install Script

Re: CDOT 8.3.2 Install Script


If you don't mind a GUI, System Setup can get that job done very quickly.


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Re: CDOT 8.3.2 Install Script

Thanks dkorns, this seems to be the direction i'm looking for

However, I'm unfamiliar with this automation workflow. Can you shed some light on how to get started with this? point me to the right manual or something?


Thank you



Re: CDOT 8.3.2 Install Script

Hi barelomer,


I've attached the (slim) Users Guide for the Day-0 Pack here. This document is visible at the automationstore under workflow-help.


This workflow runs under the OnCommand Workflow Automation (aka; WFA) product. WFA is available running on a Wndows Server (2008/2012) or a Redhat Linux server (and Win7 if that option is helpful). WFA normally requires the companion OnCommand Unified Manager (OCUM) product but I'm not 100% clear if it (OCUM) is 'absolutely' required to use this workflow. Most clents have/use OCUM for other purposes. If so, then after installing WFA there is just a quick setup process to link WFA with OCUM. 


Once WFA is available, you can easily 'Import' this workflow into WFA and run it ... and edit it if needed.


PS: The automationstore says the Day-0 workflow requires WFA 3.1P2 or later so it should work under WFA 3.1p2 or the newer WFA 4.0. 

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