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Change cluster subnet



I'm new to NetApp and I'm looking for the procedure to change the netmask of the management interface on a NetApp FAS 2554 in a curious situation.
The problem is the following.
During the inizialization it has been inserted an incorrent netmask /20 instead /23.
From cli, if I try to change the LIF's netmask, I get an error concerning subnet:

fas2554::network interface> modify -vserver fas2554 -lif * -netmask

Error: command failed on vserver "fas2554" lif "cluster_mgmt": Cannot update
       LIF associations for LIF "cluster_mgmt". The netmask of the LIF
       ("") does not match the netmask of the subnet

If I try to change the subnet I get an error about LIF associated:

fas2554::network subnet> modify -subnet-name "Default Network" -subnet  -force-update-lif-associations true

Error: command failed: The subnet has one or more LIFs associated with it.
       Changing the netmask of existing LIFs through the subnet commands is not

If I try to add another subnet with correct netmask I get an error about overlapping:

fas2554::network subnet> create -subnet-name "Test" -subnet -broadcast-domain "Default Network"

Error: command failed: Subnet "" would overlap with existing
       subnet named "Default Network" in IPspace "Default".

Is there a way to achieve my goal?
Thank you in advance.


Re: Change cluster subnet


Try removing LIF association using "network subnet remove-ranges -force-update-lifassociations true". You should then be able to modify individual LIFs and then subnet, associating LIFs with subnet again.

Re: Change cluster subnet

You may want to create a new management IPspace and place your management LIFs in there, especially if you plan on using different default routes/subnets than the default IP space.
We discuss IP spaces on this past week's podcast:
IP spaces are also covered in TR-4182:

Re: Change cluster subnet



Thank you for your answer.

This is the result of command


fas2554::network subnet> remove-ranges * -force-update-lif-associations true

Error: command failed on ipspace "Default" subnet-name "Default Network": "ip-ranges" is a required field
0 entries were acted on.


I will try to create another ipspace.


Re: Change cluster subnet


Hello everyone.

This is my solution.


Created a new temporary subnet in the same ipspace and with the same broadcast-domain.
Moved the LIF on the new subnet, losing the connection.
Logged on the new subnet.
Modified the netmask of the correct subnet.
Moved the LIF to the original subnet.

Removed the temporary subnet.

Thank you all for the support.


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