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CDOT 8.3 spare disk assign in partitioned aggregates



I have few questions regarding cDOT 8.3 partitioned systems.

One of the disk has failed and then i have replaced it.

My question is what is the correct way to assign this "unassigned" disk to "spare" disk in this partitioned system?


I have assigned this disk with "-owner" to controller fas222.


This is current output (stor disk show):

1.0.9                1.62TB     0   9 BSAS    spare       Pool0     fas222


Is this OK in case if another disk fails, will system do a reconstruction of all partitions on this disk or there is another way to assign this disk as a spare partitions?


Thank you!


With regards





Re: CDOT 8.3 spare disk assign in partitioned aggregates

Per this article, you should make sure to have an entire physical disk assigned to a node as a spare, but otherwise, it will partition it automatically the next time it needs it.





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