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CDOT 8.3RC1 VAAI NAS not working as advertised


Anyone facing issues with CDOT 8.3RC1 and VAAI in VMware ESXi environment? I can get VAAI offload to work if the source/destination is the same volume. It will not work if the destination is a different volume on the same controller or any other controller.


Followed all the instructions on: https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1389626/html/GUID-735E5961-E3FB-4105-A8F8-37F6444B68BC.html


Not really getting anywhere. Tried vmkfstools which clearly shows the VAAI-NAS plugin is not being used when source/destination volumes are different.


Re: CDOT 8.3RC1 VAAI NAS not working as advertised


Pelse check if this KB article can be of any help..



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