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what rule options I should use to allow client root has root privilege?


when I run mount vs2:/.admin /mnt/vs2rw as root, and then touch a file, I got permission denied  error.


the following is the rule instance, what should I modify?

                                    Vserver: vs1

                                Policy Name: policy_test



                                 Rule Index: 1
                            Access Protocol: nfs
Client Match Hostname, IP Address, Netgroup, or Domain: x.x.x.x

                             RO Access Rule: any
                             RW Access Rule: any
User ID To Which Anonymous Users Are Mapped: 65534
                   Superuser Security Types: sys
               Honor SetUID Bits in SETATTR: true
                  Allow Creation of Devices: true



give "-anon" parameters value as '0' ( only for the rule with client match x.x.x.x which is the client that you want to enable root access)

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give "-anon" parameters value as '0'

Be aware this can seriously break access to exported filesystem. I hit this when setting up Simpana (SnapProtect) Oracle/SAP agent that must be run under specific group. Using anon=0 will change user ID but leave group ID that for anonymous user.


Using root=XXX (or -superuser in case of cDOT) fixed it.

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