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CDOT Namespace /vol


How do I get my original "vol" namespace back on a new CDOT Server.   I did not use the 7MTT tool to build the new Server (Ontap v8.3).

I want to mount my original volumes back under:  /vol     So if I can not mount up root any longer and then perform a "mkdir vol"..... then how do I get this top level namespace "vol" back, without creating a dummy volume....?    Thanks!



If you don't want to make a vol volume to build out the namespace you can either mount the SVM root from a client and create the /vol folder, or you can create it using powershell with New-NcDirectory.

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OK....  think I got it....


Mounted it up  C$ on a Windows Server and then created the Folder  "vol".

Then added a Volume to the new namespace "vol" and built out a share to access the volume.

This seems to work.



Yes, this is one approach. Other approaches include:


- creating a volume called "vol" and mounting it to /vol in the cluster

- creating a qtree in t he vsroot volume named vol

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