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[CDOT] Node management IP's on different subnets


Hello we are adding new controllers to existing cluster, unfortunatelly we've ran out of management IP adresses.

Do we have to readress all the existing management IP adresses in the cluster (node-mgmt,cluster-mgmt,SP) or can the new nodes have IP adresses from different subnet.

If yes, is there any downside?


Thank you


ONTAP version 8.2.3P1



I can tell you that I tried it in my lab and it worked, but its not something that I would recommend.


Private IP's are free....  node-mgmt /24 - That's just my recommendation

There is no requirement that I've seen that says that management IPs have to be on the same subnet. There is no downside to having them on different subnets that I can imagine as long as the obvious things are in place such as the IPs being reachable from management or monitoring tools and that the nodes can send AutoSupport Regards, Warren0