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[CDOT 8.2.1]fsecurity apply


I want to configuring and applying file security on NTFS files and folders with the fsecurity function, but when i follow the method explain in the official document "File Access Management Guide for CIFS updated for 8.2.1", the first comand wich is :


"vserver security file-directory ntfs create -ntfs-sd sd1 -vserver vs1 -owner domain\joe" returned an error in the secd.log:

00000018.351973a9 101cd4e6 Mon Jun 15 2015 13:58:28 +02:00 [kern_secd:info:7819] | [000.000.234] ERR : RESULT_ERROR_SECD_ENTRY_NOT_FOUND:6915 in handleNfsV4NameToSid() at authorization/secd_cifs_authorization.cpp:259


I try with the various owner and the error is always the same.

We have another Netapp Controller with the CDOT 8.2.2P1, and this feature was implanted without problem.

What's wrong on the cdot 8.2.1 ?

Any idea ?





Looks like you are hitting Bug # 825560


let me know if you need furthur help.



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I looked the KB but unfortunately our context is not the same.

We have been no change in AD.





UP !


Here is the error message....


NAS-A92-CLU::*> vserver security file-directory ntfs create -vserver votzfil020 -ntfs-sd sd1                             
Vserver: votzfil020 (internal ID: 23)

Error: Lookup of CIFS account name procedure failed
  [  5 ms] Connecting to LSA server vwi0ctd001.ad.si2m.tec
  [    16] Using a new connection to vwi0ctd001.ad.si2m.tec
  [    17] Could not find Windows name 'CREATOR OWNER'
**[    17] FAILURE: CIFS user lookup failed

Error: command failed: Failed to convert Windows name to SID. Reason: "SecD Error: entry not found".


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