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How to change option value from True to False for all the export rules


Hi all.


Can anyone please let me know is there any command to change the option value from False to True Viceversa.


For ex:-


Let us consider the following



export-policy rule create -policyname Testname -clientmatch Testserver -rorule sys -rwrule sys -allow-suid true -allow-dev true


Now my requirment is to change the -allow-dev to false instead of true.


I know we can change manually by using export-policy rule modify


But there are 1000's of entries where we need to amend the same changes.


If it needs to be done by Powershell. Please let me know as we are happy to do that via Powershell as well.


Hope it clears my question.


Please let me know incase need more information.