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CIFS / SMB / Windows : "System error 2148073478" "extended error"


Some windows 8 users are facing a problem to access the NetApp CIFS Shared Folders.

The following error is shown: "System error 2148073478," "extended error,"

It seems that Windows 8 and Windows 2012 Server use the SMB v3.0 (by default) which requires signing negotiation.

I've found a simple workaround to disable the signing negotiation in the client


I've heard that this error does not happen in the "Data OnTape Version 8.2".

Does anyone tried to make the upgrade?

Netapp current configuration

Model: FAS2240-2

Version: NetApp Release 8.1.1 7-Mode

CIFS: SMB Disabled

Thank you in advance,

Leonardo Maia


Re: CIFS / SMB / Windows : "System error 2148073478" "extended error"

I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that SMB 3.0 isn't fully supported until 8.2.   Also, 8.1.1 is very buggy to begin with, so you should look to upgrade

Your last statement lists CIFS as SMB disabled, do you mean signing?

Re: CIFS / SMB / Windows : "System error 2148073478" "extended error"


I will try to make the upgrade and share the results.

PS: When I said "CIFS: SMB Disabled" actually I Would like to mean "CIFS: SMB signing Disabled".


Leonardo Maia

Re: CIFS / SMB / Windows : "System error 2148073478" "extended error"

Also, refer to this thread - https://communities.netapp.com/thread/32808

Doesn't appear SMB 3.0 will ever be supported in 7-mode.  It's only for cDOT. 

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