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CIFS and Ontap upgrade to 9.1


What is the recommended procedure for terminating SMB connections prior to performing an OnTap upgrade.


I have tried to perform "cifs session close -node * session * to close all active sessions but during the upgrade the SFO failback fails due to veto errors and SMB file locks if they happen to automatically reconnect to their sessions.


Is it best to do "Vserver cifs stop" prior to upgrade??







Identifying active CIFS sessions that should be terminated


Before performing a nondisruptive upgrade or downgrade, you should identify and gracefully terminate any CIFS sessions that are not continuously available.
Continuously available CIFS shares, which are accessed by Hyper-V clients using the SMB3 protocol, do not need to be terminated before upgrading or downgrading.


 1. Identify any established CIFS sessions that are not continuously available:
    ::> vserver cifs session show -continuously-available !Yes -instance
    This command displays detailed information about any CIFS sessions that have no continuous availability.
    Each of the sessions identified by this command should be terminated before proceeding with the Data ONTAP upgrade or downgrade.


 2. If necessary, identify the files that are open for each CIFS session that you identified:
    ::> vserver cifs session file show -session-id session_ID


Click Here For more info "Identifying active CIFS sessions that should be terminated"


Did you end up determining the best method for preparing CIFS for the upgrade (Storage Failovers?).


I'm doing some planning and I'm thinking the exact same as yourself. A simple termination of a sessions doesn't do much, as the client sessions automatically establish again (say they have the CIFS share open in windows explorer).


I was thinking too that vserver cifs stop would be a good method. But does that gracefully terminate sessions? And after a SFO as part of the upgrade, does cifs need to be started again manually?




* Edit: I've done a little bit more digging. I found that the upgrade advisor is likely implying "cifs stop"  should be utilised in the CIFS termination recommendation (but wish it would say that). I think this because of the following reasons:


- The "cifs session close" command guide doesn't mention the term "terminate" (or alike)



- The "cifs stop" command guide does mention "terminate":



- Back in the 7-Mode days, I would run a "cifs terminate" command prior to failover. That maps to "cifs stop" according to this:



However, I don't know if cifs automatically starts after a SFO in cDOT.