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CIFS migration




I have one FAS2050 with ontap 7.3.3 , need to migrate CIFS shares with permission to FAS2720 with ontap 9.6 


Can anyone help to provide best way to do this withtwith steps 





Re: CIFS migration


Upgrade to the latest ontap release. 
either the newest 9.6p release or 9.7p4

 both support the newest version of the 7mtt 


alternatively you could use robocopy our NetApp’s XCP available on the downloads site

Re: CIFS migration




thanks for the reply, Do i have to upgrade the old NETAPP or NEW , 


the 7MTT will do all migration ?



Re: CIFS migration


7MTT does not support Data ONTAP 7.x

You'll need to create the new shares along with permissions manually and then do a copy of data through the host.

Re: CIFS migration


To clarify @maffo 's comment here - the tool is called the "7 Mode Transition Tool"/7MTT, as "7 Mode" is the old management/provisioning/control model for NetApp systems, but it does not support Data ONTAP 7.x, as it requires 64bit aggregates, which are only supported from Data ONTAP 8.x. This page lists source version requirements - http://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.dot-7mdt-sm%2FGUID-8DBDE4CE-A347-4BBF-9DCA-CEC87B6211E5.html&cp=17_0_0_0_1


The FAS2050 can run at most ONTAP 7.3.7, so cannot be supported for a 7MTT managed transition. We're very happy that you've remained a NetApp customer, but we haven't sold the FAS2050 for 9 years, so the generation you skipped in the middle probably would have been one which could have made an easy transition between 7.3.x to 8.1.x and then to 9.6P7 or later.


So you will need to manually create the new shares (PowerShell is likely to be your friend) and then ROBOCOPY, XCOPY or XCP the files across from the old system.

Re: CIFS migration


Adding to @AlexDawson  response - NDMPCopy can also be a good solution sometimes (it's not the preferred option, but works - and has its own advantages).


Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: CIFS migration


Dear Alex


Thanks for the reply, we are having more then 100 shares with multiple sub folders and permissions, 

if we use robocopy then we have to do it per folder wise right?

and also have to create shares and permission , does it have option to replicate it ? then user RoboCopy for DATA






Re: CIFS migration


Yes create your configuration and volumes/shares, and you can use a tool like Robocopy to migrate. You can also consider xcp as a possibility. Those tools should copy permissions over as well.

Re: CIFS migration


Snapmirror is another way of doing it. If you upgrade you 7 mode to 8.1.4p4 and above you will be able to use snapmirror to mirror the volumes to cluster mode. later you will have to recreate the shares. 7-Mode version requirements for transition

SnapMirror Interoperability between Data ONTAP 7-Mode and Clustered ONTAP 8.x or ONTAP 9: It is only supported to mirror data in the direction from Data ONTAP 7-Mode to Clustered ONTAP 8.x or ONTAP 9 for the purpose of transition to Clustered ONTAP or ONTAP 9. See Transition from 7-Mode for more details. It is not supported to use SnapMirror or SnapVault in the direction from clustered Data ONTAP or ONTAP 9 to Data ONTAP 7-Mode.

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