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CIFS share Flexvol


I have a CIFS share which usage size has been reduced from 16tb to 10tb.  If I resize the volume to 12tb from 16tb, will I get that 4tb back? Can it be done on a live share?




Re: CIFS share Flexvol

Hi @storageguy 

volume shrinking can be done live with no disruption to the clients.

With regards to the space, ONTAP will free up those 4TB in background (or if another volume needs them) so it might take quite some time before you see the full amount of space back in the free space of the aggregate.

Re: CIFS share Flexvol

Thanks maffo. 

I have done this on NFS shared volumes few times but not sure how it will behave on CIFS share. So it will behave same way.


Thanks again

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