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CLI questions on CDOT vs 7-Mode... verbose/debug chatter missing?


I'm not sure what the correct terminology for the exact issue is so bear with me, I'll try and explain as best as I can.

I have worked with 7-mode quite a bit (7.x-8.0), and when logging into the CLI I am used to seeing all the various tasks that the NetApp is performing while I'm logged in, like SnapMirrors, what other people are doing, etc. I am not seeing any of this while logged into CDOT. The CLI is eerily silent. I perform a "node run -node whatever" and log into each filer, and still no background chatter.

Is this something that can be enabled? I found it extremely useful, and was one of the primary reasons I chose to work with the CLI vs the System Manager MMC or Filer View (which I really miss using, for the record).

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