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CN1610 Serviceport DOWN

I have re-configured two CN1610 switches - erase config - and applied and RCF 1.2.

Configured serviceport on both and only one of the switches is avaialble on the network.



serviceport protocol none

serviceport ip



serviceport protocol none

serviceport ip


SWITCH2 link light comes on when connected to the patch panel and I can access it via PuTTY

SWITCH1 however, does not light up and SHOW SERVICEPORT shows Interface Status Down


I can swap the network cables between the two switches and the problem stays on SWITCH1


It certainly appears to be a mis-configure of some sort on SWITCH1 itself.  What am I missing here?




Re: CN1610 Serviceport DOWN

I am facing a similar issue. Did you find a  resolution for the link issue on the serviceport with the cn1610?

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