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CN1610 to BES-53248 Migration


How do I migrate my cluster from CN1610 to BES-53248


The customer has existing 12 node clusters connected to CN1610 switch, we will be removing the HA pair from that as it is the end of support. Then we will migrate from CN1610 to BES-53248, need to know the best process for Migration. Have gone through some links, can it be done online, or do we require downtime for the same, Also once my cluster switch is migrated we need to add AFF A400 to the BES-53248 attached to the document I am referring? 


1. RCF version on both CN1610 and BES-53248 needs to be the same?

2. How to do ISL between CN1610 and BES-53248 as per the attached document. Do we need to use the same cable?

3. Can we download the configuration from CN1610 and upload it to BES-53248, then shift the cables?

4. Do we require downtime for this entire activity? 




You should have the current EFOS( and RCF(1.2) on your CN1610 and active.

Pre-stage the BES with the current EFOS( and the appropriate RCF(1.7) for that platform.

It is VERY DIFFERENT from the CN1610. Use the correct RCF for the platform.

You will need approved 10G cables (optical transcievers with fibers or twinax) to connect ports 13-16 deom one of the CN1610s to the same ports (13-16) on the new BES.

If you follow the directions, there should be no downtime.