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CP type "s" in the 2nd character.



I am not good at English. So, I apologise if you feel difficult to understand  following.


I have VMware environment that includes NetApp FAS as NFS datastore.

Sometime this FAS not responding in CP ty #s, and occures APD in ESXi.


I read man page and understood that "CP ty s" is "Proccesing Special Files", but I cannot understand what is "Special Files".


Please let me know If anyone knows "what is Special Files".

(inode? metafile? or other?) 




Re: CP type "s" in the 2nd character.

What ONTAP version & FAS system do you have?

Do you have 7-mode?

What protocol(s) are you using in your environment?

Re: CP type "s" in the 2nd character.



Thank you for reply.


I have FAS2240-2. DOT814P1 7-mode installed.

Protocols are NFS and iSCSI.

Re: CP type "s" in the 2nd character.

Examples of "special files" in ONTAP are:

  • Directories
  • Hard Links
  • LUNs


If you have # or : symbols fallowing with B in next CP, it might mean that you have high sequential throughput or high overwrite throughput, both cases indicate to a small number of drives which is not enough to handle the workload.

Also as far as I remember in 8.1.2 there was a bug BURT 393877 (Inefficient pre-fetching of metadata blocks delays WAFL consistency point) which might be indicated by CP ty :s but it should be resolved in 8.1.4P1, so double check on it.

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Re: CP type "s" in the 2nd character.



Thank you for your assistance.


It was not include inode or metadata...

Your answer was very usefull.


and I'll check a BURT you suggested.


Thank you very much!


sincely yours.

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