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Can I convert Volume Level DR to SVM DR setting "identity-preserve=false"?


We have two clusters running ONTAP 9.5P9. Currently, there is a volume level replication between two SVMs which are in each clusters.

We would like to transition from Volume Level DR -> SVM DR but without preserving the configuration of the source SVM ("identity-preserve=false").

Following the instructions of this article: https://docs.netapp.com/ontap-9/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.netapp.doc.pow-dap%2FGUID-3D8765BC-2ECC-4704-8F57-4767E98C3203.html  , we have created in step 2 the relationship between the two SVMs with the option "identity-preserve=false".

When we try to resync the relationship we get the following error:


cluster2::*> snapmirror resync -source-path svm1: -destination-path svm1_dst: 

Error: command failed: The Vserver DR relationship selected for the operation has "identity-preserve" set to "false" and has FlexVol SnapMirror relationships within. This command is allowed only when the Vserver DR relationship has "identity-preserve" set to "true".


Is this a normal behavior? Is this option not supported?


Thank you.





I don't have access to my lab to test it , but it appears it is a 'normal behavior'.


You can use the -identity-preserve false option of the snapmirror 'create' command:


It suggests that : -identity-preserve false is only applicable for the snapmirror 'create' command, in your case you want to 'resync' the relationships already existing in to SVM DR.