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Re: ONTAP Select : Cannot create


Has anyone meet the error below,


An error occurred while removing port group ONTAP-CC from host Verify the configuration of port group ONTAP-CC on host, and then try again. If a cluster has been deployed and subsequently reconfigured outside of ONTAP Select Deploy, run a refresh operation on the cluster, and then try again.






I noted this behavior in the following document:


Refreshing the Deploy cluster configuration:
You can make changes to the cluster or the virtual machine configuration outside of the Deploy utility using the ONTAP or hypervisor administration tools.  When these changes to the cluster or virtual machine occur,  the Deploy utility configuration database is not automatically updated and can become out of sync with the state of the cluster. You should perform a cluster refresh in these and other situations to update the Deploy database based on the current state of the cluster.


Suggestive Steps
1) Sign in to the Deploy utility web user interface using the administrator account.
2) Click the Clusters tab at the top left of the page and select the desired cluster from the list.
3) Click the gear icon at the top right and select Cluster Refresh from the drop-down list.
4) Provide the current ONTAP Select username and password for the cluster under Cluster Credentials. Click Refresh.


I guess once the refresh is done, it will not complain.