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Can I rename an igroup without impacting the LUN mapping?


I need to rename an iscsi igroup to reflect a new server name.  We will not be renaming the iqn.  Can I do this without impacting the LUN mapping? 8.2.4 7mode.  Thanks!


2nd question: if we do ultimately decide to rename the iqn on the server, can it be updated in the existing igroup without impacting LUN mapping, or will we need to destroy and recreate the igroup and redo the mapping?


Re: Can I rename an igroup without impacting the LUN mapping?



Four Aces -


From the igroup command man page:


igroup rename existing_group_name new_group_name

Rename an existing initiator group. The rename operation will not impact access to LUNs that are mapped to the initiator group being modified.


If you rename the server iqn you can add to the igroup, then delete the old iqn after rename.


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