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Can I tell how much space being taken for SnapShots on Linux?


on Linux NFS file system, you can do "du .snapshots", but this is not the real space of how much SnapShot being used.  I can tell on NetApp filers. 


Is there anyway I can tell on Linux?



Hi Netappmagic,


At this time there isn't a method to see the actual size of a snapshot from the host side due to the size of a snapshot being dictated by the changes made to the blocks locked in the snapshot from ONTAP's perspective. The math gets even more convoluted when a block is locked and altered in multiple snapshots, allowing you to restore to the multiple versions of the same file. Another thing to mention is the total "currently" used space for all snapshots listed in "df" from ONTAP doesn't fully reflect the size consumed by all the current snapshots until any recently deleted or auto-deleted snapshots finish going through the "block reclamation" process, which is an automated background task.




Team NetApp

Team NetApp


As Thanh said, you can't really accurately see from Linux. The best way is to use one of the snap/snapshot commands (depending on 7-mode or ONTAP 9).


Or - if you need it in the Linux box itself. You can use rest API to query the volume URI

(search what's between the single quotes - '"snapshot": {'  in that doc)

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