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Can SV from cDOT to 7-mode or vise versa


Can I create SV the source is cDOT and destination is 7-mode, or the other wau around?

If yes, what requirements are, including OnTap version on both side?


Thank you for sharing!





I doubt on creating a relationship with source  running Clustered Data ONTAP  and 7 mode as the vault, because, SnapVault in 7-Mode is qtree based, whereas SnapVault in clustered Data ONTAP is volume based and is able to retain storage efficiency savings during transfers. From the perspective of the primary volume, there's no change. From the perspective of the secondary—vault—volume you end up creating a new clustered Data ONTAP vault that requires a baseline (because it is a net-new relationship). This raises the question of what to do with all the data stored in the 7-Mode vault.


  • If you keep data for less than three months we recommend that you keep the 7-Mode system in place for three months until you build up the necessary retention cycle in the clustered Data ONTAP vault. If you need to restore from the 7-Mode vault during that time, you simply mount the Snapshot copy from the 7-Mode vault and copy out the data you need to restore.
  • If you need to retain your SnapVault data for more than three months (more common), you again start a new vault on the clustered Data ONTAP system, but you also migrate the existing 7-Mode vault to the clustered Data ONTAP system into a separate volume (from the clustered Data ONTAP vault). In that way you can get rid of your 7-Mode equipment and still have access to data in the 7-Mode vault for restore if necessary. Again, you have to mount the Snapshot copies from the migrated 7-Mode vault in order to restore (the clustered Data ONTAP vault operates normally).


Note that the three-month cutoff is a guideline, not a hard rul


Reference : http://community.netapp.com/t5/Tech-OnTap-Articles/How-to-Move-from-7-Mode-to-Clustered-Data-ONTAP/ta-p/86261

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You can't even create a TDP mirror from 7-mode sv destination to cdot.  That doesn't work


Question:  I have a huge migration project ahead of me, and I'd like to leave 4 controllers on 7 mode.  In order to do that, I'd need to mirror them to a 5th 7-mode system.  So my question is:


Can I SnapVault from a 7-Mode filer to a CDOT filer (8.2.1 --> 8.3 specifically)?  I'd need to leave this in place indefinately, otherwise I'd need swing gear in foriegn countries to pull of CDOT migrations, which I def don't want!  Link to Netapp document please, I can't find any.  If I can't, what is my alternative?


I don't think you can snapvault to a cdot cluster.


You can create an TDP relationship (transitional snapshot), but snapvault works very different in cdot 8.3.x.  It's based on snapmirror labels, but you can't snapmirror (TDP) a snapvault secondary to cdot. 


That will fail.