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i am new in the Netapp support and i need to know if have a pdf or a document that show the basics commands of a clustered system like a creating a LIF, LUN, ETC...

i need to know step per step haha.




Re: Clustered Commands

Each version of the OS has a complete set of documents which can be found on the now support site under documentation.

Re: Clustered Commands


What he said... Start reading all the documentation.  Also, I would suggest you sign up for training as well

Re: Clustered Commands

now i am making a lot of web based trainings =D,

i saw this pdf that has a lot of commands however just for 7 mode... i am searching like this pdf but for cluster mode

Re: Clustered Commands

Check this link to FielPortal, there are Command Layouts (Layer by Layer) for cDOT 8.2 and 8.3 including links to the Man Pages:




View solution in original post

Re: Clustered Commands

Is 8.2 tab really empty or just restricted to employees?

Re: Clustered Commands

Good question... It is not empty, but I don't see for whom it is available in my view. Do you see something in the 8.3 Binder?

Re: Clustered Commands

Yes, 4 documents in 8.3 tab. I cannot add this binder to favorites, but it is probably different issue.

Re: Clustered Commands

Hmm, that sounds weird. But try to contact the Fiel Portal Team directly with those to issues using the following link:



They should be able to help you.

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