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Can i disable HA and move all disk to NodeA?

We are using IBMN3400(Data ONTAP Release 8.0.2P3 7-Mode) and config to Active/Active mode.

Node A : 10 Disk, Node B : 2 Disk

Node B is already no user to access now.

We would like to keep Node A data, clean up Node B and move all disk to Node A,

Is that Possible?

If Node B no disk , is that can handle the job if node A fail?

Thank you.


Re: Can i disable HA and move all disk to NodeA?

It can be done if you don't mind not having high availability.  If the cluster is disabled just (not necessarily in exact order) disk reassign the disks from NodeB to nodeA (or remove_ownership and disk assign), destroy old aggregates, zero spares, then add to existing or create new aggregate(s)...

It might make sense to leave 3-5 drives on node 5 (3 drive root, 2 spare or 2 drive root and 1 spare for example) then have it as a failover only node for ha.

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