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Can't Shrink a Volume



I've run across an odd problem. I cannot shrink a volume down to 5TB. It is currently at 5.11TB. When I run the resize wizard in System Manager, it acts like it will resize the volume to 5TB, but it stays at 5.11. Same on the command line - it says it's successful but it stays at 5.11. A few settings are listed below that might be relevant. These are the same settings as other volumes where I've had no issues with reducing the volume in size. Any ideas?


No snapshot reserve

Autogrow turned on (Grow only, not Grow and Shrink)

Volume is 5.11 TB with 828.71 GB of free space and 1.34 TB of efficiency savings

Volume is on an AFF system

OnTAP 9.2P4


Re: Can't Shrink a Volume




Protocol in use is NFS. No LUNs contained in the volume.

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