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ONTAP Discussions

Can't delete SVM due to Verserver DR lock on CIFS service.


I am trying to do a clean up of a SM destination Vserver  DR SVM, and I have deleted the Peer relationship and volumes, and confirmed there is nothing listed for Transition.


However, this vserver DR was created on a CIFS SVM, and the SMB still can't be disabled becuase it says there is an active Verser DR relationship.

vserver peer show, vserver  list-destinations, and vserver peer transitions show all show nothing for the SVM.

So at this point it appears that the CIFS server is locking the vserver, but I am having trouble finding where to disable this relationship.  I would have assumed that deleting the peer relationship would have done it, but apparently not.



Take a look at snapshots and snapmirror too 


snapmirror list-destinations

 might help


Yeah, I checked that.  No SM snapshots, not destination listed for the SVM in question.  The only volume left is the system volume, and I can't delete that either, and it won't let me turn off the CIFS service because it is locked by the Vserver DR peer relationship that doesn't exist anymore.




It sounds like you are running into the issue described in the below kb:


Could you provide the exact error seen when trying to delete the svm and when you try to stop the cifs server?


To troubleshoot this issue live I would suggest opening a support case with NetApp support.



Thank you for your response, but that isn't the issue I am having.


I'm running on a secure, air gapped system, so I'll have to recreate the error after sanitizing it.


The issue with deleting the vserver is really secondary at this point becaus e the CIFS server instance is locked by a SVM mirror relationship that has been deleted.

Once I clear the CIFS server instance for deletion, bypassing the erroneous SMV mirror lock, I expect I will be able to delete the SVM... but as of right not I can't make changes to the CIFS server instance because it thinks it is part of a vserver DR mirror that no longer exists.


What is the output of this command (must be run on the source)   "snapmirror list-destinations"


On the source cluster I get the 4 mirrored volumes that run to the 2 good SVM destinations and no mirrors to the problematic destination SVM.

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