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Can't delete subfolder "Vol" from CIFS Share?


I have a simple volume setup and shared at the root. So... /vol/testvol shared as testvol. In that share are a few subfolders, one of them is called "Vol" which cannot be opened or deleted. I can view the folder properties such as size, permissions, previous versions, etc. Deleting it results in no action, it doesnt get removed, and doesnt error out on deletion. When I try to open it it says "directory referes to a location that is unavailable. it could be on a hard drive on this computer or on a network. Make sure the disk is properly inserted..." 


Anyone seen this before and short of recreating the volume how do you suggest I remove this subfolder? -And how did it get created in the first place? I have plenty of other volumes setup in a similar fashion and they do not have this folder on the root. 


(netapp running 8.2 7-mode & server 2008 client browsing the file share.)





can you show a screen shot of the volume?

what is the security type of the volume?

is it only shared via CIFS or exported as well?

are there any qtrees in it?


can you show a screen shot of the volume?ss1.jpg

what is the security type of the volume? NTFS

is it only shared via CIFS or exported as well? CIFS only

are there any qtrees in it? No Qtrees


There are no shares created within that tesvol other than at the root level?

can you look at the permissions on the vol folder?


Correct, no other shares exist other than the root of that volume. Also, security permissions look normal.


can you check for open files on that share on the filer - maybe someone has that folder open so it won't delete?


i'm just making guesses here myself - not sure what could be the cause really.


I dont think anyone has it open... you cant open the folder to browse inside it - thats when you get the error. If you attemp to delete it, nothin happens' not even an error. very strange.


1. is that an vfiler ?


2. pls give us the output of command  "cifs shares testvol"


3. how is the behavior of this directory within MMC ??



pls answer