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Can we put more system resource in snapvault jobs since the destination cluster ONLY Backup uesd


Hi Sir :



We build-up an Cluster and ONLY used for snapvault used.

The main purpose is for instead of tape backup software.


And after check all FAQ and related TRs, it seems that the priority of snapmirror and snapvault was low.

But since this cluster is only used for backup destination cluster, is there any possible way to getting more system resource at snapvault jobs?


We had already build-up several SATA aggregates and using snapvault ( XDP  as vault policy ).
Now we build-up 2PB space and already used 70%. 

We planed to add another HA pair this year and double the usable space since we plan to put daily snapshot or even weekly snapshot inside the destination cluster replace the daily/weekly tape backup.


And will it better to change to "Unified Replication Snapmirror"?


Thanks for anyone in discuss ^^.