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Cannot Access Ontap Software After performing factory reset

Dear, I'm new in NetApp Storage we have FAS2020 with 12x2tb hardisk single controller i have an issue accesing the Ontap software after performing the Factory reset ( during the bootup i choose option 4 ). Here's the error from CLI missing /etc/java/rt131.jar
Java virtual machine is inaccesible filler view cannot start until you resolve this problem. , sysconfig : table of valid configurations (etc/sysconfigtab) is missing Thanks in advance sir.

In 7G after 4 in special boot menu you need to perform "software update" in Data ONTAP to fill in root volume content. You also need to enter all licenses again - did you record them before wiping your system?


Sir i have a copy of all the License Key lots of error after restoring the factory deafult using 4 and 4a options during the boot menu see the error below 




aborzenkov's answer is the right one - perform an ONTAP upgrade to 7.3.7 and the web interface will come back.


7.3.7P1 can be downloaded from http://mysupport.netapp.com/NOW/download/software/ontap/7.3.7P1/download.shtml


Cannot Access the download site since the Maintenance Agreement was expired 


Well, that's a problem then. Search your network for a file called "733_setup_e.exe" - that is the installer for the version of ONTAP you are running. You may have a later version downloaded while you had a contract and not applied - that would also work. It would have a similar name - 737_setup_e.exe for example.


Re-apply that to your filer by following the instructions in this post - http://community.netapp.com/t5/OnCommand-Storage-Management-Software-Discussions/FAS270-Web-Interface/m-p/65954/highlight/true#M13715 and it will all work.


If you have no luck finding it - you can still administer it with the CLI over SSH, or you could call up and ask for the price to get it back under support or to download it.


A 2020 has been eol for a while now.  I hope you aren't planning putting that in production.  You are talking about a 10yr old system.  There is not even support for this and doesn't even allow any code higher than 7.3.7.


Are you sure it's a 2020?

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