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Capacity Planning tools for thin provisioned volumes


when first moving to thin provisioned volumes, what are the best capacity planning tools to have in place to insure that the growth of thin provisinoed volumes does not create a space outage if not monitored properly?  


Which free and paid tools and methods work best for tracking usage of thin provisioned volumes? out of the box tools, OCUM, OCI, WFA workflows, scripts, etc.  


Your experiences, recommendations appreciated.





Hi CloudMiner, you can use OCUM - no additional license needed if you have cDOT. If you have 7-Mode you can ask for a free license - to monitor and warn you by e-mail when the volume and aggregate reach a defined percentage of utilization.


You can use the autogrow feature on volume if you want to automatically provision more volume space in case of needed (this way you need to monitore your aggregate only)

You can use the Snap AutoDelete feature to free up your volume if it becomes without space.


The OnCommand Insight is bigger than that , it will be helpful on monitoring your entire environment, virtual machines, physical hosts, SAN Switches and Storage.