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Change/Edit Timezone for ONTAP


Running v9.6P3.  I'm trying to correctly set the timezone for our NetApp.  I goto Settings\Data and Time and I've tried adding a known internal time server and have also tried a valid external.  After saving and then waiting for 30+ minutes, the time doesn't change and still shows "Etc/UTC" and records time 5 hours ahead of my actual timezone (CST).  This is extremely annoying in logs and viewing snapshots.  How can I correctly set this for my timezone?  Thanks!


Re: Change/Edit Timezone for ONTAP


The timezone is never set by NTP (at least in ONTAP). It sets the UTC time. Set the TimeZone:

timezone EST5EDT

timezone CST6CDT

timezone MST7MDT

timezone PST8PDT


Those are the CONUS USA Timezones. You want the second one. It should also adjust for Daylight Savings

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Re: Change/Edit Timezone for ONTAP


@TMAC_CTG That appears to have done the trick.  Thanks!

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