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Change Serial Number on Edge VSA


I am having an issue trying to change the serial number for the Edge VSA. I tried to follow a few steps that work with the simulator but the variable is read only when following this process. The reason I need to change the serial number is because VSC and SMVI has issues adding 2 controllers with the same serial number. Is this even possible? What am I missing?




Currently using Edge VSA 8.1.1 eval






You can’t change the serial number after the initial configuration.

Boot the simulator again.

When you see Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt, hit Ctrl-C.

You will then enter the SIMLOADER prompt.

Enter the following commands to set your unique serial number.

1. set bootarg.nvram.sysid=1111111101

2. set SYS_SERIAL_NUM=1111111101

3. boot



I tried those commands on the Edge but the bootarg.nvram.sysid is not present on initial boot and is overwritten during the initial setup and the SYS_SERIAL_NUM is read only from the start. Remember this is not the simulator I am talking about. It is the eval version of the Edge VSA.

I deployed 2 from new build and they generated different system IDs but the serial number is still the same. Any help would be appreciated.


Mike Ellis


Hey Mike,


did you ever get figure out how to change the license key for data ontap edge?


we are having same issue for VSC.





In boot_diags for regular ONTAP systems, there is a VSA command:


usage:  vsa config replace serialno <key>

                Replace the serial number with the new one derived from <key>.

        vsa config replace all <key>

                Replace the serial number, system ID, model number and OEM ID
                with the information derived from <key>.

Contact support and see if they will give you a key