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snapmirror outsourced - switching providers


We have a few NetApp units (7-mode) and today we send all volume data via snapmirror/snapvault to an outsourced backup provider A. We have about 2 years of data with provider A. We are going to switch providers next month. What is the best way to get all the data out easily at low cost. Also we need to keep in mind of easy recovery from that 2 years of data when needed.


I was thinking may be ask the provider to convert the data to tape or move the data to another FAS and store it there or ndmpcopy??...I am not that knowledgeable. Am I thinking in the right direction ?


Re: snapmirror outsourced - switching providers

Yes, it's possible to do snap mirror to tape and then restore on different filer. Good thing is, it avoids need of full initialization, you just resync to new destination.

This assumes you are using VSM. QSM is different.

Re: snapmirror outsourced - switching providers


the thinking is fine and as the other response says, SnapMirror to tape for volume snapmirror will be fine - we can look at LREP is you are using qtree SnapMirror.


the easiest option though if you can do it, is the suggestion of another FAS - if you can sit that next to it and just SnapMirror everything out (as opposed to NDMP copy) and then just hold a copy there or transfer to new provider whatever works.




Re: snapmirror outsourced - switching providers


thankyou. If I stand another FAS and do a snapmirror of the vols, I dont need to do a full baseline reinitialize right ?

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