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Clones Created

Hello Everybody,


            I can see lot of clones created for no reason (sdw_cl_con_db2), I am sure we have not created them and its using the space and I need a solution for it. Please see the screen shots to get the clear view.






Re: Clones Created



Was inquisitive to know if there are any third party backup solutions installed such as Symantec backup etc. Chances are that this might be caused by such applications.



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Re: Clones Created

No we only use snapmanager for exchange and snapmanager for Sql. 

Re: Clones Created

Hi syedkhan,

"sdw_" indicates that the snapshots were created by SnapDrive for Windows. It seems like SnapManager creates a volume clone for verification but fails to clean up this clone.

Do your SME / SMSQL backup log files show any errors?

Best regards,

Re: Clones Created

Yes I have not the logs do you want me to post them or can i DELETE those clones ? 

Re: Clones Created

It should be safe to delete the clones. However, we should try to find out why the clones haven't been deleted in the first place, as this is the expected behaviour.


Would you mind opening a case with NetApp support?




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