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Change from SnapMirror to SnapVault


I have a few LUNs that I'm currently backing up to another filer using SnapMirror.


I would like to start archiving these backups with SnapVault.


Since SnapMirror works on the volume level and SnapVault works on the qtree level, is there a way to use my existing SnapMirror data or will I need to start from scratch?


Can I reuse my existing SnapMirror volume or will I need to create a new one specifically for SnapVault?


Does it matter that these LUNs were created and crrently managed by SnapDrive?



Here are my current SnapMirror relationships:


NETAPP01:vol10 NETAPP03:na03_vol10 Snapmirrored 00:17:29 Idle
NETAPP01:vol20 NETAPP03:na03_vol20 Snapmirrored 00:17:29 Idle
NETAPP01:vol30 NETAPP03:na03_vol30 Snapmirrored 00:17:29 Idle
NETAPP01:vol40 NETAPP03:na03_vol40 Snapmirrored 00:17:29 Idle




Re: Change from SnapMirror to SnapVault

You can convert QSM to SnapVault with assistance of technical support, but no such option for VSM.
BTW, why don't you consider to take and leave snapshot on source volume? If you have enough space for keeping snapshot on source, this is easiest way. VSM covers all the snapshots on source.
When you need to restore from older snapshot, restoring by snaprestore from source snapshot is first option. If source volume is corrupted, resync from dest then use snaprestore.

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Re: Change from SnapMirror to SnapVault


I'm using VSM so I'll have to transfer all of that data over again.  Not a huge deal, I just wanted to save on time since it's about 5 TB of data I have to move.


Thanks for your reply.  I heard from tech support this morning confirming your answer as well.  

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