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Changing FCoE WWPN's



We will be adding in a new Fas8040 cluster pair to an existing 3240 cluster pair, migrating all the data across and then decommissioning the original 3240 cluster pair

Currently we are using FCoE on multiple vservers or SVM's and would like to preserve these target addresses so we don't have to re-zone.

Is it possible to rehome or migrate the FCoE lif to another port ?


Re: Changing FCoE WWPN's


I got a chance to test this and it is not possible:

Error: command failed: iSCSI or FCP LIFs do not support LIF migrate

You need to add the additional FCP LIFs from the new node into the existing zones and then remove old lif's. Multipathing and snapdrive should sort out the optimal paths

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