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Changing INTERCLUSTER LIF ip addresses on all clusters




We are moving our intercluster WAN from 10.x.x.x.x address range to say 192.x.x.x.x. we have 3 clusters and all have multiple intercluster LIFS.


is changing the ip as simple as modiying the current ones to our new range?


should everything just sync up and continue to work?


Is there a proper process for doing this as we can't find one.


We kind of think this is one way?


Get a list from each cluster of peered relationships

  • Vserver peer show
  • Cluster peer show


This is how I think you would do it but will need testing first.


  • Modify Intercluster Lifs to use new IP range on each node in all cluster.  (maybe be easier to delete and re-create)
  • Modify or re-create cluster peering between clusters
  • Modify or re-create vserver peering between vservers

thx in advance



Perform the following steps to change your source cluster to a new IPs:


  1. Quiesce all SnapMirror/Vault relationships between the source and destination.
  2. Once all relationsips are in a quiesced/idle state, Modify the source cluster's inter-cluster LIFs with their new IP addresses.
  3. After verifying that all the inter-cluster LIFs on the source and destination clusters are routable to each other, run cluster peer modify on the destination to update the IPs of the peer. 
  4. Resume SnapMirror/Vault relationships.




Many thanks for the reply.


Is there an official document or knowledge base article for this particular procedure?


We have many hundreds of SM/SV jobs running, so this will be a major project!





yes, there's kb 1015808. but it's internal, probably you can't see it.

that kb's situation is quite similar as urs. the only diff is that they moved the one node to another location.

the steps i listed is almost the same as that kb, nothing important is omitted.






Perfect thx. I can speak with our directs at uxbridge if can go through our NDA.



Seeing lots of issues reported when doing this on web


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